Do I need to provide ID when I register to vote in Tennessee

If you are registering for the first time in Tennessee, you must include a copy of your ID with your voter registration form, or you must show ID the first time you vote at the polls. Acceptable forms of ID include the following: a current voter registration card; a current Tennessee Driver's License; or a photo ID which includes your NAME and SIGNATURE.If you have none of the above items, must provide a combination of one item from List A AND one option from List B below:AND List A: A current & valid photo I.D. of any kind, either government- issued or private, not containing a voter۪s signature; OR a current utility bill; OR a bank statement; a government check; OR a paycheck; OR any other government document(s) that show the your NAME and ADDRESS; PLUS:List A:PLUS:List B: either A)Show ANY document with your NAME and SIGNATURE (Examples: Social security card, credit card with a signature, any other document which has the voter۪s name and signature.); or B)SIGN an official AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY form provided by the polling place officials (does not require a notary).List B:

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