I am a college student - should I register at home or where I go to school?

The choice is legally yours. You have dual residency, so you can register back home or on campus as long as you don't register to vote in both states.  You can use our  Voter Registration Tool to register to vote in less than 2 minutes.

Student voters often face a hard (and illegal) time trying to register to vote at school.  If anyone gives you any trouble, please contact our partners at the  Election Protection Coalition.  Their phone number is: 866-our-vote.

Two things to remember:

  1. If you register to vote back home, you'll need to remember to sign up for an absentee ballot. You can use our Absentee Ballot Tool to order your absentee ballot.
  2. Students with scholarships or tuition that require residency should check with their financial aid office before registering to vote back home. For example, if you have a scholarship that requires California residency, you should ensure that registering to vote in a different state will not affect your status. 

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